Property Investment Manager

Living and working in South East Queensland for the last 19 years, Robyn has made the great South East and the world of Property Management her home.  With over 25 years experience in Property and Tenancy Management, Robyn has worked with countless landlords in navigating the ever changing and sometimes challenging path of property investment. If you are looking for communication and results look no further than Robyn. 


Robyn prides herself on her communication skills and takes a genuine interest in building and maintaining long term relationships with landlords and tenants.  With an excellent in-depth knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act and her attention to detail she is one the most valuable assets to our clients.  Her life experience and personal sense of responsibility to her landlords and tenants ensures she is always working in the best interest of her clients. 


If you are looking for a Property Manager with strong organisational skills, ethical attitude and professional personable approach that you can rely upon, Robyn is here for you.