What Horizon Housing property management staff will do for you

  • Find and appoint a quality tenant:
    • Advertise and screen applicants for your property to get quality tenants;
    • Process applications PRIOR to conducting property inspections;
    • Conduct viewings of properties by prospective applicants;
    • Check rental references;
    • Sign up a quality tenant; and
    • Advertise the property for re-tenancy if required (Fees apply).
  • Maintain the property on your behalf (excluding warranty issues):
    • Produce an Entry Condition report prior to tenanting the property;
    • Conduct regular 3 monthly inspections;
    • Organise for maintenance to be carried out; and
    • Complete exit condition reports.
  • Collection of rent and other charges:
    • Recoup water consumption charges from the tenant; and
    • Monitor rent payments and pursue rent arrears
  • Payment of your rates and Body Corporate Fees (extra 1% of market rent charge applies for this service).
  • Act on owners behalf regarding tenancy issues:
    • Handle disputes; and
    • Represent the owner at court attendance (Fees apply).

NRAS owners

  • Ensure tenants are eligible for the NRAS scheme prior to signing up for the property;
  • Ensure tenants ongoing eligibility for the NRAS scheme;
  • Coordinate and lodge NRAS compliant 4 & 7 year valuations; and
  • Manage your Australian Government Tax Free Incentive and your State Government contribution.