During Your Tenancy

You must return the property in the same condition as when you moved in. Avoid marking the walls with Blu-tack, stickers or nails and hooks. You can use non-marking picture hooks, but if any damage is caused, you will have to pay for it.  You are responsible for keeping any lawn and garden areas clean and tidy, including mowing and weeding. You should remove all rubbish, and not store any hazardous materials on your property.


You must seek written approval from the Property Owner through Horizon Housing Realty prior to getting a pet. Please review the Horizon Housing Realty Pet Application form and Pet Addendum:
Internal Pets
External Pets

Local government restrictions relating to the keeping of pets must be strictly adhered to.  There may be restrictions imposed by the owner of the property, and the type of property you are living in (e.g. units, townhouses or studio units).

Property Modifications

Please ensure you seek approval from Horizon Housing Realty prior to making any changes to the property. This includes hanging pictures on walls, installing air-conditioning, etc. All damages incurred to the property through modifications made by the tenant will be at the tenant’s liability to rectify to the satisfaction of the Lessor or agent.

Property Inspections

We conduct quarterly property inspections. We will notify you at least one week before your property inspection. These inspections take place to ensure that the property doesn’t need any extra maintenance and that the property is in good condition.

During this inspection we look for:

  • Safety concerns;
  • Unapproved Pets;
  • Unapproved occupants;
  • Damage to the property;
  • Cleanliness of the property;
  • How the yards & gardens are maintained; and
  • Rubbish.

Significant Periods of Absence

If you are going to  leave your property for a significant period of time, you will still have to pay your rent.
You should notify us if you plan to leave your home for a significant period, and if you are not paying rent by Payway deductions, have a system set up to ensure that rent is paid on time.
If you are admitted to hospital for a period of time please contact us to let us know.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are installed in all properties. Under the Fire and Rescue Service Act 1990, administered by Queensland Fire and Rescue Service, both tenants and lessors have responsibilities for smoke alarms in their rental properties.

Lessors (Horizon Housing Realty): Have obligations for installing, cleaning and testing smoke alarms and replacing batteries before the start or renewal of a tenancy.

Tenants (You): Have obligations for cleaning, testing and replacing batteries for alarms during a tenancy.


Horizon Housing Realty has a complaints and appeals system. Further information can be found in our Feedback Guide.

If you have a grievance or complaint with a staff member, a neighbour, or anyone else, contact the office by phone, or fill out the Feedback Form. Your complaint will be handed confidentially and sensitively, and you will never be penalised in any way because you have made a complaint.