Ending Your Tenancy

If you need or want to leave a property, you must give us two weeks’ notice in writing. If you are considering leaving, give us a call and we can discuss with you the procedure for moving out.

Generally, you should make sure that the property is in the same condition as when you entered it (excluding general wear and tear due to age), and that any repairs have been completed. Our Tenant Vacate Cleaning Checklist may be useful to you. 

You will need to complete an Exit Condition Report and hand back your keys to our office. Carpets are required to be professionally cleaned and you must provide the receipt. In the case of fully furnished studio units, the mattress must also be professionally cleaned and the receipt produced.

Once the property has been inspected by Horizon Housing Realty and its condition assessed, we will apply to the relevant State authority to have your bond returned to you. If the property has any outstanding maintenance issues which you are responsible for, some or all of your bond may be withheld.

Changing Needs

If your situation changes, please ensure you notify your Property Manager who will be able to advise how this may affect your situation.

Some of the possible changes may include:

  • Safety issues
  • Change in household make-up
  • Health
  • Change in family circumstances
  • Needing to have access to specific medical facilities and/or support

Completion of Condition Reports

Tenants are required to complete an Exit Condition Report when vacating and give the original to Horizon Housing Realty. This is a very important record of your point of view of the condition of the property at exit. If you wish to be present when we do our final inspection of the property after you have moved out, please let us know.


When you move out of your property you are required to return your keys and remote controls to Horizon Housing Realty.  Return of the keys will be recorded and you will be given a copy of this receipt for your records.