HHR initially formed part of the Horizon Housing Group. Horizon Housing was Queensland’s largest housing provider with operations in fifteen local government areas across QLD and parts of NSW delivered both community housing programs and affordable housing projects.

The Horizon Housing Group consisted of:

  • Horizon Housing Company (HHC), a not-for-profit charity and Public Benevolent Institution, established in 2007, delivering social and community housing programs.
  • Horizon Housing Solutions (HHS), a subsidiary of HHC which began operations in 2010. HHS delivered affordable housing opportunities, including the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) and Resource Communities programs in the Western Downs and Tweed regions
  • Horizon Housing Realty (HHR), a licensed real estate agency as a subsidiary of HHC offering ongoing professional property management services to HHS investors at the end of the 10-year period NRAS period.
  • Australian Affordable Housing Securities Ltd (AAHS), a national for-profit organisation established in 2015 as an Australian Finance Services Licensee providing financial services promoting the delivery of affordable housing. AAHS is one of the largest Approved Participants delivering over 3,000 affordable dwellings under the NRAS via a Managed Investment Scheme and also undertaking the NRAS compliance management for other Approved Participants for almost 1,300 properties.

During 2018, the Horizon Housing Group joined forces with Community Housing Limited (CHL) in order to consolidate expertise and strengthen the reach and services offered by both community housing providers. CHL is a national and international housing provider delivering affordable housing in four regions of the world.

CHL currently has a portfolio of more than 11,000 properties under management in Australia across six States including Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania. In Australia, CHL provides end-to-end affordable housing development and a long-term housing and tenancy management operations. CHL is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. It operates like any other limited company, but all financial surpluses remain in the company to be reinvested in quality affordable housing for people in need.

As part of the integration into CHL, HHC wound up as a company, with staff and operations transferring into CHL. HHS staff and operations transferred to HHR. HHR and AAHS became subsidiaries of CHL, remaining as separate entities with a shared governance and management structure.

HHR has an approved strategic purpose to provide real estate agency services, including housing, sales and property management services to professional investors, with any surplus funds used support the charitable objectives of our parent company, CHL.