Horizon Housing Realty (HHR) is proud to support its parent company Community Housing Limited (CHL) in providing Victorians with a range of new housing options delivered via a ground-breaking partnership approach led by Homes Victoria.

As Australia’s leading not for profit housing provider and a key member of the Building Communities consortium, CHL was delighted to announce that the consortium has been nominated as the preferred proponent to redevelop vacant Homes Victoria land in Brighton, Flemington and Prahran. 

The Building Communities consortium consists of:

Designed by cutting edge Melbourne based architectural practices such as 6 Degrees Architecture, SJB Architecture, Jackson Clements Burrows Architecture and ARM Architecture, this unique project will provide an integrated mix of social, market rental, affordable, and specialised disability housing that is superior quality in design and build.

This first of its kind initiative both in scale and its vision will see the redevelopment of these three metropolitan Melbourne housing sites by the Building Communities consortium, through a special purpose vehicle, Building Communities (Vic) Ltd (BCVL).

BCVL will be provided with a 40-year operating lease, whilst Homes Victoria retains the ownership of the portfolio, providing lasting benefits to the people of Victoria for generations to come.

The program will deliver:

  • 619 new social housing dwellings
  • 126 new affordable dwellings
  • 365 market (rental) dwellings – Out of the 365 market rental homes, 52 will be specialist disability dwellings

This novel project accesses public and alternative financing sources, including the NHFIC as a key partner. This unique, truly integrated partnership with Homes Victoria leverages the combined expertise, innovation and financial strength of the private sector (through partner Tetris Capital) and the not-for-profit sector, with CHL as Australia’s leading community housing provider being an instrumental and aligned partner in its overarching goal to provide all Victorians with affordable and sustainable housing.

As debt is paid down, returns from the market rents will drive the growth of further social housing for hundreds of people in need in Victoria.

Find out more at: Ground Lease Model – Homes Victoria | Victorian Government (

Read CHL’s media release on this announcement: